Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Magic of a Disney Christmas

Disney World is a magical place, especially at Christmas. We decided that we would give our kids a trip to Disney World this Christmas. It meant we had to check them out of school for a week but it was worth it. We had a fabulous time. We were able to get deeply discounted tickets due to a military special that Disney World was offering and Ben and Aven were free. Ben's mom and her husband flew to Florida to spend our Disney vacation with us. We loved having Nana and Pop Pop with us.

We were able to get 5 day park hopper passes with our military discount, which allowed us to explore all four parks at Disney World. We spent day one at Animal Kingdom. Our favorite part of that day was the parade of Disney characters. They came along on floats that looked and worked like huge puppets. We saw the Winnie the Pooh and his friends and I had to get a picture of Drake with Eeyore because he reminds me of Eeyore so much.Day 2 was spent at Epcot. We went to their traditional Christmas program that evening. It was called the Candlelight Processional. It included a symphony and a candle toting choir and a narrator who read passages about Baby Jesus. We were delighted that the concert was a celebration of Christmas, not a generic Holiday. Hurray for Disney!

Day 3 was spent at Magic Kingdom. It was probably our favorite day. The weather was perfect (sunny and in the 80s), and the kids really loved the rides there, especially Space Mountain and Thunder Mountain. There was also plenty for Aven to enjoy. She loved seeing the princesses, especially Ariel. The castle all lit up for Christmas was gorgeous.

Day 4 was spent at Hollywood Studios. This day was a little difficult for Aven. There was not a lot for her to do so she took one of her stroller naps that she had become so good at.

I think the highlight of this day was the Osborn Family Spectacle of Dancing lights. The buildings up and down the street were covered in lights and they "danced" to Christmas songs. The street was crowded with people enjoying the lights and music and it felt like a great big Christmas party.

We had to say goodbye to Nana and Pop Pop on the morning of Day 5. We decided to spend the first half of that day at Magic Kingdom seeing some things we missed during our previous day there. We still were unable to say we had done everything. I think you would have to spend 5 days at each park to be able to see all there is to see. We ended the day at Epcot because they have a part of the park that is a world tour and we only made it around half of the world the day we were there with Nana and Pop Pop. The kids were able to see Santa and Mrs Claus at the American adventure. After 5 straight days of Disney, we were "Disneyed-out." It was a very fun week, however; one I hope Zoa and Drake will always remember.

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  1. I'm so glad you were able to get you Disney trip in. Your family is @ the perfect age. I would love to do Disney @ Christmas, sometime.