Sunday, January 31, 2010

Nerf Wars (in the snow)

Since Drake's birthday is on a holiday that often finds his friends out of town, we do his birthday parties, when we do them at all, on a later date in January. Yesterday was the scheduled day for his Nerf Wars birthday party. After 14 invitations had been sent out and most of those people had called to confirm their intentions to attend, we discovered that the weatherman was predicting snow. This is Hampton Roads. We don't usually get snow here. Often when they say it is going to snow, it doesn't or the snow comes in such small quantities that it doesn't change any one's course of action. This time, however, we had Drake's (Eeyore's) birthday party planned so of course we woke up on the day of the party to about 4 inches of snow with more still falling. I know that to many of you, this does not seem like a big deal because you deal with much more than that all winter. For this area, however, that much snow meant that we were dealing with the worst snow storm we have had in 20 years. Drake was thrilled-Nerf Wars in the snow! I was worried that it would prevent many from coming. After checking the weather again and discovering that the wind was supposed to pick up after noon, we decided at 8:30 to change the party time from 1:00 to 10:00 and hope people could still come. We had all but one guest attend in spite of the weather and time change.

This was a party to remember. The boys all arrived dressed in their snow gear so we had them gather in the garage and practice their aim until nearly everyone was there. They shot at boxes and at the dads that stayed. (There were 4 dads here, including Ben. It was great! All I had to do is serve the cake and ice cream.) Once almost everyone was here, they split into teams and went outside to battle it out. Ben had set up pallets and our picnic table for them to hide behind as they shot at each other. Of course, the snow covered trampoline became too great of a temptation to be ignored. They were all in heaven.

We brought them in once they started feeling cold for a relay game that involved army crawling under the table, jumping over the couch, and shooting at targets taped onto the window. They enjoyed cake and ice cream and watched Drake open his presents but then they were ready for more warring in the snow so the dads got them all suited up again to battle until all their parents arrived to take them home. It turned out to be a great party. I am sure we will find a million Nerf bullets under the snow once it all melts.

We received more snow during and after the party as well as overnight so our total snowfall is about 8 inches. Again, I know that is a small amount for many of you, but it has shut this place down. Church has been cancelled for today and, since it will still be on the roads tomorrow because it is so cold today, school would most likely have been cancelled if they didn't already have the day off. Aven is having fun getting dressed to go out and then coming in again a few minutes later and the kids think that tromping through the snow in the woods behind our house is the greatest thing they have ever been allowed to do. I intend to hibernate until I can see the ground again.


  1. Happy Birthday Drake!! We are so happy to find your blog! We have missed the e-mail with pictures of everything you are doing. It's nice to catch up with you and the kids--they are growing so much! Give them hugs for us and keep the posts coming!! Love the St. George Daltons

  2. Life goes on in Virginia for you guys, and it looks a lot like here in Lehi. Let's get another motorcycle race planned and take The Drake!

  3. Drake has gotten so big. It sounded like a lot of fun!