Sunday, April 25, 2010

9-11 Pentagon Memorial

On our way home from DC from our Easter weekend, we went by the Pentagon to see the 9-11 Memorial they have there. The kids were definitely too riled up to behave in such a solemn place. The guard actually came and asked us to be more quiet. It is a big, open area with a memorial for each person who was killed on 9-11 at the pentagon. (So much room to run, which is where the kids got into trouble.) Each person's name is on their memorial and a metal line leads you to the year of their birth, making it easy to realize that two sisters were killed that day, the youngest just Aven's age and the other just a year older than Drake. I have thought about them a few times since my visit. I wonder why they were there in such a forbidding, intimidating place. If I had not been there with my rowdy children, I think I would have read the names on all of the memorials to try to find a father or mother and help solve that mystery. Stupid terrorists!

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