Sunday, April 25, 2010

Candice's New Job

Last week I was sustained and set apart as the Relief Society President of my ward. It is funny that I knew it was going to happen for a week before it actually happened, yet it was still shocking. The week between the bishop calling me to this position and being sustained and set apart was a week of nerves, but also a week I will never forget spiritually. In many ways it was one of the most solitary weeks of my life. Ben's ship was gone most of the week and so I didn't have anyone physically present to talk to about all I was feeling and thinking. I did a lot of praying and listening to the spirit to try to discover what the Lord wants me to do in this position. During that week, Julie Beck, General RS President for my church, came to my building to do a fireside for all sisters in our region and a training for all RS presidents in our region. I was blessed to be able to attend both of those meetings, even though I was not yet official. I had been thinking a lot about where to begin this task the Lord has given me and found that the thoughts and ideas I had been contemplating most were confirmed by Sister Beck and the spirit that night. I am sure that those I was sitting with thought I had lost my mind because I could not control the flow of tears down my cheeks. It is difficult for me to be so wrapped up in the spirit and control my emotions. I had pretty much been crying all week but it peaked that night. I am so grateful for the priesthood and the setting apart blessing I was given last week. It has done a lot to calm me down and give me confidence as I do my best to follow the directions I receive from the Lord. I can feel that the Lord loves the sisters in my ward and wants me to do my best to serve them. I have faith that he will make up for the many areas I feel I am inadequate. This has been a busy initiation week, but I was happy to be faced with many firsts right away so that next time I won't be as nervous when I am faced with the same situation. I love the gospel and my Heavenly Father.


  1. Glad to get caught up with you guys. You'll do a great job. Does that mean you are staying in Va. for at least a year?

  2. Candice, you will make a wonderful R.S. President! It's such great experience to serve and see, in-depth, how the Church works-- a challenge with it's own reward! Thanks so much for your family up-date. We love hearing and seeing you, Ben and the kids. All our love.