Sunday, April 25, 2010


This is the tale of an eye stye gone bad- very bad! Zoa noticed some pain in her eyelid during the week before Easter but we didn't think too much of it until she woke up one Thursday morning with a swollen eye lid. Since 5th graders can be brutal and she didn't want the nickname "Cyclops" to follow her throughout the rest of our sojourn in Virginia, she was allowed to stay home. We put hot compresses on it and it was looking quite improved by mid afternoon. However, as we headed into the evening, the swelling began to return. The next morning it was completely swollen shut and much more red than her other eye lid. She had missed some end of term tests the day she stayed home from school so I emailed her teacher and arranged for her to be hidden away somewhere with an aid in order to take those tests before the break from school for spring. While dropping Zoa off at school, I decided to take advantage of the school nurse for some free medical advice and had her look at Zoa's eyelid. I could tell it was not pink eye due to the lack of redness in her eyeball, but the eyelid was looking even more red than when she woke up. The nurse encouraged me strongly to get her to a doctor asap. I left Zoa to take her tests and drove home to see if I could arrange a doctor visit for her. Then I turned around and drove straight back to the school to pick Zoa up to get her to the doctor appointment that I was able to arrange. They were very happy that I had brought her in. Zoa had an infection called periorbital cellulitis. (Medical people-sorry if I misspelled, etc.) This infection has the potential to infect the cavity behind the eye where the optical nerve runs, which can cause loss of the eye! They got her on antibiotics and gave me a list of symptoms to watch carefully for (none of which I ever saw) and scheduled a follow-up appointment. Only then were they willing to tell me it was ok to take her out of town for spring break as we had planned. Happily, the swelling and redness decreased a little more each day until about day 5 when we couldn't tell anything had been wrong. After that doctor visit, I definitely felt the relief of having dodged a crises. I would also like to say that I am very grateful for antibiotics.

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