Sunday, April 25, 2010

Easter weekend

Our good friends, the Warners, moved to DC last summer. This works out nicely for us on holidays and long weekends because we feel like we have something similar to family close enough that we can actually make plans. That was the case on Easter. The kids had the week after Easter off from school and I had a desire to go to the temple so we called the Warners and were allowed to crash in on them for the weekend. We spent the day before Easter in Baltimore doing a little sightseeing. The best thing we saw was Mother Nature dressed in her spring gowns! The flowers were gorgeous! Zoa is in the picture above with Whitney's girls, Hunter and Aspen showing off the tulips. Poor Drake, the only big boy between the 7 kids in both families, left them to climb a tree. Aven is with the Warner's 4 and 2 year old playing in the dirt, even though they are surrounded by a plethora of gorgeous flowers. The three little kids are why things are so hilarious and crazy when we get our families together. Everyone seems to have a lot of fun, though.

The Easter bunny did find the kids at the Warner house on Easter morning. They gorged on candy while we watched conference. We had them do their egg hunt that night in the dark with flashlights. Whitney and I pooled our resources and each kid got to find over 30 eggs. They had a great time hunting for them all. We appreciate the grand Easter feast and the fun time we had with the Warners for Easter. We are happy to have such good friends just up the road.

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