Sunday, November 21, 2010

Aven's Crazy Night Wanderings

During the last weeks of school for the other kids, Aven seemed to want to graduate from sleeping normal hours. She was getting out of bed almost nightly to do something crazy, usually in the other kids' bedrooms. She pulled all the books off Drake's bookshelves one night so he woke up to a huge mess not of his making. She got a hold of some scissors and cut both her hair and Zoa's hair while the rest of the family, including Zoa, was sleeping. What a shock for Zoa to wake up to a chunk of Aven colored hair and a chunk of Zoa colored hair lying on her floor. Happily, Aven cut Zoa's hair in one of the few places that it would not have been a complete disaster and Zoa was able to hide it until it grew out. I really didn't know for awhile where I would find her in the morning because she would play until she got tired enough to fall back to sleep and then zonk out wherever she happened to be. The above picture is how I found her one morning, asleep on Zoa's floor. She is wearing a skort of her own, a top that Zoa had grown out of over a hoody that Zoa had also grown out of and non-matching flip-flops. The part you can't see is that she is also wearing a pair of Zoa's panties (she had ditched her diaper on the floor with her pjs) and Zoa's sports bra. I guess all that wardrobe planning tuckered her out because she promptly fell asleep spread out on the floor at the scene of the crime. Just when I was about to turn her knob around and lock her in her room at night, she began sleeping at night again, which wasn't as entertaining as her wanderings but definitely gave me more peace of mind.

Zoa Says Goodbye to Elementary School

I can't believe my Zoa is out of elementary school! She is really turning into a beautiful young lady. Her last day of 5th grade was emotional for me. They did a graduation ceremony and for some reason it was a tear jerker for me. We stood as the graduates entered the room and took their seats and she looked so tall and mature walking down the aisle to her seat. They next showed a slide show with pictures of the 5th graders throughout their elementary years. Seeing how much Zoa and her classmates have grown and changed made the tears prick my eyes all over again. Next came the solemn processions and calling of names as they handed each of them their "diploma." Zoa had a nearly perfect report card. My favorite part was the comment from her gifted teacher because it sums up Zoa very well. "Zoa works well with others on group projects. She is a leader among her classmates." I hope that as she ventures into middle school, she will continue to be a leader and help pull her classmates in a higher direction.

This picture is of Zoa with Mrs. Kirk, her 5th grade teacher. Mrs. Kirk was crying on the last day of school! After teaching 8 years of elementary school, I think any teacher that sheds tears on the last day must be phenomenal!

Drake's Last Day of 2nd Grade

Drake had a great second grade year. We were so proud of him on the last day when he brought his nearly perfect report card home along with awards for reading and good citizenship. Way to go Drake! He gave himself two huge hickies with the vacuum right before this last week of school.(see pic below) Luckily they were cleared up by the time he had to stand in front of the school to get his awards.

This is a picture of him with his teacher Ms. Waters. She told us she wished all her students were like Drake. That is a great thing to hear as a parent.