Sunday, November 21, 2010

Zoa Says Goodbye to Elementary School

I can't believe my Zoa is out of elementary school! She is really turning into a beautiful young lady. Her last day of 5th grade was emotional for me. They did a graduation ceremony and for some reason it was a tear jerker for me. We stood as the graduates entered the room and took their seats and she looked so tall and mature walking down the aisle to her seat. They next showed a slide show with pictures of the 5th graders throughout their elementary years. Seeing how much Zoa and her classmates have grown and changed made the tears prick my eyes all over again. Next came the solemn processions and calling of names as they handed each of them their "diploma." Zoa had a nearly perfect report card. My favorite part was the comment from her gifted teacher because it sums up Zoa very well. "Zoa works well with others on group projects. She is a leader among her classmates." I hope that as she ventures into middle school, she will continue to be a leader and help pull her classmates in a higher direction.

This picture is of Zoa with Mrs. Kirk, her 5th grade teacher. Mrs. Kirk was crying on the last day of school! After teaching 8 years of elementary school, I think any teacher that sheds tears on the last day must be phenomenal!

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