Saturday, December 11, 2010

Aven's Surgery

In late October, Aven had a checkup with her ENT. While there, I requested a hearing test because it seemed that Aven was struggling a bit with her hearing-yelling rather than talking and seeming to ignore or misunderstand me often. The test showed that her hearing was just as bad as it had been before she got her tubes, which is why she had gotten the tubes. Since the tubes had since fallen out, we decided another set was in order. When kids need a second set, standard procedure is to also remove adenoids. Her fabulous ENT, Dr. Schroeder, and I decided to go forward with another set of tubes and an adenoidectomy. She went in to have that surgery early the morning of Nov. 8.

I was expecting her to be in surgery for about 45 minutes but it ended up being almost an hour and a half because it took them so long to get an IV into her little body. I counted the pricks post -surgery and there were 12! Luckily they knocked her out before trying to get an IV into her. They tried in both hands and wrists, both feet and ankles, the crooks of both arms, and finally got one into her bicep. She was covered in nasty bruises for about a week after surgery. Other than that, the surgery went perfectly.
She was very sleepy after surgery. Last time she went under general anesthesia, she woke up with emergence delirium and was completely, insanely inconsolable for about 2 hours while she thrashed around and tried to rip her IV out. I talked to the anesthesiologist about that and he said he would give her something to wake her up more slowly to help with that. The result was that she slept nonstop until about 5:00 p.m., then woke up for a snack and a drink and went right back to sleep until the next morning. At least she wasn't crazy like last time. I will take sleepy over crazy anytime.
Two days after surgery, Aven's neck hurt so badly that her head was stuck downward because she wouldn't use it. I called Dr. Schroeder who said it sounded like a syndrome that begins with "R" (she knew the name of course-I can't remember it) and that I should switch her pain medication to ibuprofen and she should feel better by the end of the week. By the next week she had improved but was still hurting so Dr. Schroeder wanted to see Aven. After seeing her she still felt like Aven's symptoms were due to the syndrome, which causes swelling of the muscles in the neck and just requires time to heal. It was rare when they used to scrape the adenoids out. Now that they cauterize, it is "extraordinarily rare." Dr. Schroeder, who cared for Drake through most of his ear episode, followed that up with saying, "but Aven is your kid so I guess I shouldn't be surprised." Quite funny if you know Drake's less-than-textbook-perfect ear history. Aven was feeling much better after about another week and is back to her old tricks but with better hearing. Hopefully the hearing will stay once the tubes fall out this time. She said a few times during the first few days after surgery, "I can hear now." Seemingly, there is enough of a difference for her to notice.

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