Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas morning finally came! The kids were very excited for it this year. Aven, always extra full of energy, became a crazy ball of squeals the week of Christmas. She was tons of fun Christmas morning, though. She was excited to play with each present immediately and was often still absorbed in the present she had opened last when her turn came around again. Her gift highlights were the bin pictured below full of dress up clothes, 5 tutus (pictured below), Polly Pocket camper and doll with clothes, and pink and purple unicorn pillow pet. Drake's highlights were this HUGE Lego set, a bike and skateboard ramp (see video below) and wii games.

Zoa's highlights were makeup (check out the model quality beauty below), a rug to add color to her bedroom, and money for clothes. (We can no longer safely buy clothes for her. We just aren't cool enough.)

We are so grateful that we were able to spend Christmas together. We felt very blessed surrounded by the abundance of Christmas morning as we enjoyed being together. We will add this day to our store of good memories to get us through our upcoming period of seperation during Ben's deployment. We are especially grateful at this time of year for our Savior, the greatest gift any of us could receive.

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