Saturday, December 11, 2010

Drake the Art Genious

In October, we received an invitation to attend an art show to view Drake's artwork in the art gallery of our local college. We went to the art show and found that Drake was part of a very exclusive group of students who had had a piece of artwork selected to be in the show. Each school in the district could only submit 3 or 4 pieces of artwork. Drake's sun picture was one of only 3 submitted from his school. It was very nice. I wished once we were there that we had made an effort to dress up a bit. The teachers were on hand to talk to parents and students and the college representatives were there. All were dressed up for the event and really gave the students who came a lot of attention and praise. Drake's art teacher loved that Drake had shown a lot of creativity as he created his sun, rather than sticking with a symmetrical format typical of other students. Drake received an Award for Artistic Achievement and a thank you letter from the college for "contributing to the overall beauty of the campus." After we viewed the artwork, there were catered treats for us to enjoy. Drake truly felt special.

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  1. One very good sun. I'm becoming quite an expert on suns & planets. (the viewing, not drawing. Cole is our planet artist.) Good job Drake.