Saturday, December 11, 2010


The kids had multiple opportunities to dress up this year. The first was for the Halloween party at our YMCA. Drake's story was that he got in a car accident on the way to the party and was so excited to get to the party that he didn't bother to go to the hospital. Zoa went to the party reluctantly and dressed up for it even more reluctantly so this rodeo princess costume is all I could coax onto her. She had already dressed up as a witch for her achievement days Halloween party at church but wasn't up for putting all that on again. Aven was a pink ballerina and looked absolutely adorable. She had a bit of an ear infection so she didn't feel well enough to participate in all of the games but did have fun dressing up as a ballerina.

Their next opportunity to dress up was our neighborhood party, which always begins with a costume parade down the main street in our neighborhood, escorted by all the Harley Davidson motorcycles that live on our street. Drake was sick so he couldn't go. Zoa got even more lazy than she was for the YMCA party and dressed identical to her friend so they could be twins-a cheater costume if I have ever seen one.
Aven decided to go a little more with the ballerina princess idea and added a crown and plenty of jewels. Our neighborhood party is always a fun time.
They also went trunk or treating at our church building. For that party, Drake changed his accident story and stuck with the accident victim motif. Zoa kept up the twin charade cheater costume with the same friend and Aven decided to be a full up princess and wore one of her princess dress up dresses. They got a TON of candy, which is what they look forward to so I guess the holiday was a big success.

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