Sunday, December 26, 2010

White Christmas

It snowed today for the fourth time this winter, which is very unusual for this area, making global warming deniers like me snicker while we shiver. Today there was about a foot of snow-more than we have had in 21 years-causing church to be canceled. We enjoyed another day to be together and play with the Christmas gifts we didn't have time to enjoy yesterday. The snow will actually give us another day tomorrow as Ben won't have to go to work due to bad weather. Below are some pictures of the crazy people in my family somehow enjoying the snow. I opted out and watched from the window. Notice Aven had to wear a tutu, even to play in the snow. Those of you who thought 5 tutus for Christmas seemed excessive probably understand a little better now why we felt they were necessary.

I hope your fingers don't turn blue as you scroll through the very wintery pics below.

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  1. I indulged and spent the time to look at and read your blog....this is my NEW New Year's Goal....actually BLOG. I think I wouldn't feel so guilty about the absence of photo books for the last four years! So fun to see pics of your family. I feel more connected to you all. Love you! -ginny