Sunday, February 13, 2011

The 9th Annual Birthday/New Year's Eve Bash

We thought our traditional birthday and New Year's Eve party would not happen this year because Ben was scheduled to work that night but he was able to get it off last minute. We called some close friends and they happily trekked to our house to help us celebrate and keep the tradition alive. We are so grateful for good friends that are willing to help us celebrate, especially since we don't have family near by. We ate cake and ice cream and opened presents and then played games and ate junk food to celebrate New Year's Eve. The tradition is simple but we always enjoy it and appreciate those who come to help us celebrate.
I really can't believe Drake is 9! He is a great little guy. He is so smart and always has something creative or interesting to tell us. We love him and feel blessed that he is part of our family.

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