Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Princess Aven turns 4!

Aven turned 4! I can't believe how big she is getting! We spent the weekend celebrating her birthday for three days straight. We were very happy to have Grandma and Grandpa Terry here to help us celebrate.

We started the weekend of festivities by giving her a princess birthday party with her friends from church and Joy School. As the guests arrived, they set right to work constructing a princess castle out of marshmallows and frosting.
As they completed that, we moved to a game of hot potato with balloons. If the music stopped while they were holding the balloon, they got to pop the balloon and get the prizes from the inside. Aven didn't like the balloon popping sound but the other kids seemed to enjoy the game. We had put candy bracelets, rings, and lipstick inside the balloons. We had a few princes and knights at the party but even they put on the bracelets and rings.
After the balloon game, I did a puppet show for the kids to tell them a story about Princess Aven. She was cursed by an evil witch, who turned her invisible. This made Princess Aven and all her friends very sad because it was hard to play together when they couldn't see her. The only way to break the spell was to find magic dragon eggs and bring them to Princess Aven. Her friends loved her so much that they went on a quest to bring the magic dragon eggs to her. While I told the story, Zoa and Drake ran ahead of us to the park to hide the "dragon eggs", which were actually Easter eggs full of candy and little bottles of bubbles.
After the story, we went on a princess walk to the park in our neighborhood where Zoa and Drake were waiting for us. They explained the rules of the dragon egg finding game and then let them find the eggs.
Drake was the dragon chasing them while they found the eggs. Once all the eggs were found, they still wanted to play at the park and be chased by the "dragon." Since it was such a beautiful day, we let them play for awhile before returning to Aven's castle.

Aven talked about her princess cake for months before her birthday actually arrived so it had to be special this year. I just ordered one from Wal-Mart, rather than Cake Boss, but Aven was thrilled with it and so excited to see it. We sang to Princess Aven, she blew out her candles, and we all ate our cake and ice cream.
After cake, she opened her gifts from her friends. She really got some nice gifts and has had a lot of fun with them since the party.

After gifts, we danced to music and then froze when the music stopped until all the kings and queens arrived to take their royal children home. It was a fun and exhausting couple of hours.

The celebrations continued through Sunday, her actual birthday. We had a special Family Home Evening lesson by Drake about friends and birthdays and then opened more presents and ate more cake and ice cream. Zoa and Drake pooled their funds to buy her some squinkies. If you don't know what those are, feel happy that your kids have moved on to a different stage of life.

Grandma and Grandpa Terry gave her a headband with long hair attached, which she has been wearing almost nonstop since she pulled it from her gift.

Grandma Terry also made Aven this new quilt for her bed and the beautiful silky nightgown she is wearing below. Knowing she was getting the new quilt I planned to finally paint her room so it would match her new quilt. I went and chose paint colors and gave her the sample cards in a gift bag. She was not at all impressed but I think she will be excited once that actually translates to paint on her wall. She even still has birthday money from her Nana to spend so there is no reason all her dreams won't be realized.
It was a perfect few days for our little princess, except that we were missing Ben so much as we celebrated.
I am very grateful for little Aven. She is a bright pink ball of sunshine and has certainly brightened up our family. I am looking forward to all of the adventures of this upcoming year for her. Four is one of my favorite ages. Fun!


  1. What a perfect celebration. Happy Birthday Aven.

  2. She is so cute! Wish we could have been there.

  3. Happy Birthday Aven! Love your Aunt, Uncle and Cousins from St. George