Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter was a two day gig at our house this year. I decided to seperate the secular things from the spiritual so the Easter Bunny came on Saturday. The kids really enjoyed that morning and had some fun new things to take on our little day trip that we took to Williamsburg.
Zoa got new makeup and other related items that she was out of. She also got some sandals that were too small for her because I didn't realize her feet had grown to a size 10! We had to return them and choose some bigger ones.

Drake got the Lego Harry Potter quiditch match set so he spent the morning assembling that. He was thrilled!

Aven got new sunglasses, which she modeled for this picture with a very enthusiastic pose. She also got some pool toys, some flip flops and some squinkies. If you don't know what squinkies are, feel happy.

Our dear friends, John and Marcie Davenport, invited us to their house for Easter dinner. We had a great time. We were without our grandparents and they were without their grandkids so the arrangement was perfect. John is an amazing cook so the dinner was delicious. Marcie made this cake and let the kids decorate it and they also colored eggs. We all had a great time and felt really grateful for the company.

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