Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fort Monroe

Fort Monroe is about the last historical site here that I have been wanting to see but hadn't yet. I finally decided one weekend that the time was now. Fort Monroe is a military base with this cool historic fort in the middle of it. The fort was nicknamed freedom fort during the Civil War because slaves would flee there and the commander would declare them contraband of war and then free them. There are pictures from Civil War era with slaves all around the fort just sort of hanging out. The picture below will give you an idea of what it looks like. It is a stone fort with grass growing on the roof so you can walk on the roof all the way around and it is surrounded by a moat. You have to drive your car through skinny little tunnels to get from the main base to the historic part.

There is a museum in part of it that was fun. The low ceilings kept us on our toes as we looked at the displays. Notice Aven's cute face paint in these pictures. My friend kept her for me this day in the morning and practiced her painting skills on Aven. She loved her beautiful butterfly face!

This cannon was on the grounds. It is called the "Big Lincoln."

This is where Jefferson Davis was held prisoner at the end of the civil war so they have a display in the cell where he was kept. The kids had fun peering at me through the bars. They had so many soldiers on base at one point that they converted some of these cells to family housing.
Seems creepy to have to live in a prison cell inside a military fort.

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