Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Much Needed Spring Break

Spring break is always my favorite break from school. By the time it rolls around, I have spring fever and am sick and tired of our daily routine. This year was probably worse than usual. We did what we have been doing the past few years when we need a change of scenery and drove up to DC to play at Whitney's. We had bad weather our first day there so we found some indoor activities to do. We went to Michael's craft store and let the kids paint a tote bag. After that we let the older kids walk around in a mall while we did an Easter egg hunt with the little kids in a Bass Pro Shops store. That egg hunt was surprisingly well organized and the kids had a blast. It was fun running around the store looking for brightly colored eggs amongst the camouflage gun bags and hunting boots. Sadly I didn't think to take pictures of it.

Sunday was a beautiful day so we went to the temple grounds and botanical gardens near Whitney's house to look at the blooming flowers. The tulips were in bloom. They are my favorite so that was a real treat for me.

I loved the pink and white tulip bed in the picture below. It was my favorite.

The week we were in DC was free national parks week so we decided to stop at Great Falls National Park on our way home. It was really raging and I suspect was probably high because of all the rain the area had been getting. It didn't look anything like the pictures on the park map. It was still fun to climb around on the rocks and hear the pounding water.

When we got home we still had a few days off from school. One of the days was really warm so we went to the York river beach. It felt great to feel the sun. We all loved it.

Zoa spent some of the time in the dignified pursuit of reading while the kids played and some of the time in a major giggling water fight with Drake. It was a good day.

Drake was able to spend three mornings of spring break at a baseball camp with an ex-pro player and scout. He had a great experience and will probably try a baseball team in the fall.

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  1. Loved the updates. That water really is incredible.