Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Trotting Around Turkey

Ben had a liberty port in Turkey on his way to the Arabian sea. This liberty port took place in February, I believe, which shows you how behind I am on the blog. As you can see below, he got to see many cool sites and also got in a bike ride. He sent many more pictures of Turkey but I don't know what many of them are of. He will have to do a blog update when he returns and tell you all more details about his liberty ports. In the meantime, enjoy the following pictures.

I know the picture below was taken in Ephesus but I don't know what the site is.

Ben was recruited to sing in the ship's choir. They sang in Turkey and this picture was taken afterward. The Turkey flag is in the background. I got a bit worked up about the moustache but he assured me it was just for the liberty port and it was coming right off. He said most of the ship did it so they would blend in.

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  1. As has been abundantly documented in movies, mustaches do make great disguises, and not just in Turkey. What great things they teach in the Navy.