Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Zoa Turns 12!

It is incredibly hard for me to believe that my daughter is 12! She already has bigger hands and feet than me. I expect her to be taller than me by the time her next birthday rolls around. So far the teenage scene suits her well. She loves middle school and Young Women's and everything about being a bit older. We just had a small celebration on her actual birthday. We went to Olive Garden for dinner then she opened her presents. This boom box for her iPod was the highlight.

Her grandparents gave her a night in a condo in Williamsburg to use for her birthday party. She had a BLAST! This is the group that came with her to the party to spend the night. They went to the game room and played playstation and ran around on the golf course and took pictures and watched movies and giggled like only teenage girls can. Our gift bags for the guests contained spa stuff, including face masks so that was a lot of fun. My job was to cook this pizza and provide some nondestructive boundaries and to tell them at 1:00 in the morning that it was time to sleep, even if they weren't tired yet. It was a great setup for them to feel autonomous but also allow me to supervise. It was a great party for her.


  1. Happy Belated B-day to Zoa. It seems just like yesterday Hayley was having a pedicure/manicure party w/ her friends.