Sunday, July 31, 2011

Colorado Adventures

Unfortunately, Ben had to fly home for two days to take a test after the family reunion was over. The kids and I stayed with Curtis and Kristi and spent two days playing in Denver. We went to a water park and the zoo. Being there gave us the opportunity to see my dear friend Ginny and her family. They were on their way from St. George to Michigan where her husband was about to start law school and we were going to be in St. George in a few days to visit family. I was sad to know she wouldn't be there to spend time with while we were in St. George but it was so exciting to see her on her way to Michigan. Once Ben finally rejoined us, we drove down to southern Colorado to stay with Ben's mom for a few days. We enjoyed our time there immensely. Ben and I were feeling a bit nostalgic during this trip and wanted to show our kids classic sights. Since Mesa Verde is about 20 minutes from Ruth's house, it qualified. We spent a fun day exploring the ruins there with her and PopPop. We climbed steep windy trails...

We climbed down into a kiva...

And we explored ancient apartment homes.

Of course no trip to Nana's would be complete without a beautiful hike. This time we hiked a section of the Colorado trail. It was absolutely gorgeous! Our kids were a bit wimpy (we blamed it on the altitude-big difference from sea level) but Ben and I were thrilled to take in the views.

After we left Nana's house, the nostalgia continued with a stop at Four corners for the classic shots of being in four places at once. Below is Zoa's shot. she did the best pose.

We also stopped and walked across the Glenn Canyon bridge. The kids were pretty impressed by it until they saw Hoover Dam several days later.

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