Sunday, July 17, 2011

Welcome Home Southern Style

One thing that Ben has really come to love since we have lived in Virginia is a good pig pickin'. A pig picking' is when they roast an entire pig (head and all) in a barbecue like you see below. Then they shred the meat off the pig and eat it on a bun with coleslaw. People attending bring salads to go with the meal. Our ward does one every year but Ben has missed the last two so I decided to give him one to welcome him home. Our friend, Ivan Slatter, brought his barbecue over and did it free of charge to honor Ben's service to our country. It was a fun day surrounded by friends. Ben enjoyed it.

Aven side note funny moment: Aven would not even try the meat. finally I asked her why she wouldn't eat any. She said, "That had eyes and a nose. I don't want to eat that!" Apparently watching the pig cook was a bit much for her to deal with. What would we do without her? We have been careful to call the leftovers "pork" so she will eat with us.

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