Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ben Came home!

We got so excited as the time got closer to when Ben would come home. Ben's mom, Ruth, came out a few days prior to his return to see us. She then took Zoa to Florida so the two of them could join Ben on the ship for the final leg of the trip home. It is a fun thing they do called the Tiger Cruise. They had a once in a lifetime experience. They slept in the racks for two nights just like the sailors and they ate ship food. They had a private airshow, which they watched from the deck of the ship. While they were off having adventures with Ben for two days, Drake, Aven and I were home waiting. Finally the night before came and we went to the night before party that they threw for the family members. It was a big carnival style party. The day of the homecoming, July 15, was so exciting. We all got to wait on the pier where the ship would dock. The tugboats that were going to bring the Enterprise in put on a show for us. They spun around in the water and sprayed water out of the top of the ship. Then the announcer told us to say goodbye to the tugs because they were going to go out to get our sailors and the crowd erupted in cheers. It was very exciting.

Finally the ship docked. Here you can see Ben manning the rails with Ruth and Zoa beside him. This was our first glimpse of the man we had missed for six months. Aven wasn't sure what to think. She kept cheering and crying in turns.

Finally Ben was off the ship so we all could run to him and hug him. How good it was to be near him again. It was nice to have Nana here with us so Ben and I could have a night alone. I really needed him to myself by the end of this first day.

Welcome home Ben!

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  1. Ok. That one made me cry. Well done Ben & the whole Dalton family. What a reunion. I kept flashing back to Ben walking into the SG airport, many years ago, after his mission.