Monday, November 7, 2011

Halloween 2011

We survived another Halloween. We trick or treated twice, once at church a couple of days prior to Halloween and once around the neighborhood on Halloween night. Aven was a "pretty sparkle witch" (all three words necessary). She saw this tutu in Target and had to have it. I said I would only buy it if it was part of her Halloween costume and the pretty sparkle witch was invented on the spot. The sparkle cape Nana made a couple of years ago for Drake and a witch hat that was part of a ballet costume completed the look. She was excited about trick or treating this year. Every other year she has only wanted to do a few houses. This was the first year she wanted to run around and try to get it all in. Zoa and Drake trick or treated with their friends so Ben and I took turns taking her out to collect candy. Drake was a terrorist. people kept calling him Osama bin Laden so that could work too. He wanted to be something scary. This was the scariest thing we could think of.

Zoa was Morticia Addams. This was her last year to go trick or treating. She is already in mourning.

I only dressed up for the ward Halloween party. Zoa made spider webs on my eyelids and we did my hair in a crazy way. That is about all the Halloween energy I could muster up for myself.

Ben's costume was the real show stopper. He even had strangers take pictures of him while he was out trick or treating with Aven. This costume is one he has wanted to put together for several years. He found stilts on Craigslist so this was the year.

Our Halloween candy shake tradition was the perfect end to the holiday.


  1. Man you guys are scary, you belong to a cult?

  2. Love the costumes. I'm so excited you updated your blog. Can't wait to go back through the other posts. Ben is a show stopper.