Friday, July 29, 2011

Terry Family Reunion

Just four days after Ben returned home we flew to Colorado to attend the Terry family reunion. It was so fun to see my family. Everyone was there so the kids had an opportunity to reacquaint themselves with their cousins and I got to hang out with siblings and their spouses. We were the last to arrive but received a royal welcome. We were picked up from the airport in a stretch limo! That was a fun surprise. It was about 2:00 in the morning Colorado time, which was about 4:00 in the morning Virginia time so the kids were hammered but they were still excited to explore the limo. We then drove my parents' car to Estes Park where the reunion was. We had so much fun there swimming in the pool at the condos and playing in this river that flowed through town. Estes Park is a pretty little mountain city. Here Drake is with Amaiya and Micah.

Ben, Zoa and Drake went to tour a haunted hotel that is in Estes Park with some of the rest of the family. They enjoyed the tour. Only the big kids could go so I stayed behind with Aven and the other adults that were staying with little ones.

Here are the big cousins that went: Drake, Braden, Amaiya, Zoa and Darrin.

Our last day there, everyone left but us and my parents. We spent a couple of hours playing miniature golf with them. Aven got a couple of surprising hole in ones!

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