Sunday, January 1, 2012

Drake turns 10!

Much to my dismay, my little boy entered the double digit ages on New Year's Eve. He really wanted a party with friends this year so we threw an airsoft party during the afternoon on New Year's Eve, knowing full well the turn out would be pitiful due to the holidays. We were correct. Only 3 boys were able to attend but Drake had fun anyway.

Drake received an airsoft rifle for his birthday so they used that and his pistol from Christmas to shoot at targets and tromped around in the forest behind our house with Nerf guns. He had fun, which is all that mattered.

Drake has never been fond of cake so he requested a pile of donuts this year. It worked out well with his party, actually. After he blew out his candles, the boys could just grab a donut and continue running around.

I love my little guy. He is growing up to be a smart and nice young man.

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