Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Whale of a Stench

In February, we heard on the news that a dead whale had washed up on the beach. Of course we had to go see it! It was extraordinarily stinky. And very large, which we expected. Here are the pics for perspective:

After seeing it, we were curious about how they dispose of such a large carcass. We utilized our smart phone to discover some hilarious tales about dead whale disposal, including a story about blowing one up. This was not the best idea. The pieces were flung across a much larger area than anticipated and landed on roofs of cars, smashing them in, and on buildings, causing damage. Luckily nobody was killed by falling, stinky whale blubber. Usually they are either pulled out to sea and dropped, a prospect that is expensive due to the size of the whale, or hacked into smaller pieces and buried. The second option is how Virginia Beach deals with the problem, though the acquarium did take the head for research. We were very happy to get away from the gag reflex activating smell.

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