Saturday, March 3, 2012

Manteo, North Carolina

 One of our favorite things about living here is the many opportunities we have to explore significant historical sites. On one of Ben's rare free weekends, we drove down to North Carolina to enjoy the sand dunes where the Wright Brothers performed their first flight experiments at Kitty Hawk. We have been there before but our kids love playing in the sand. Afterward, we went to Manteo, North Carolina. They have a replica of the ship that came over even before James Town was colonized and became the "lost colony" because they are unsure what happened to them.

The kids enjoyed exploring the ship's tight quarters and trying their hand at different ship tasks, including swabbing the deck. (Do you think if I start asking them to swab the floor, rather than sweep or vacuum, they will do it? It does sound more fun.)

There is also a replica of the village there. We were highly entertained watching the blacksmith. She had several more intricate things on display that she had made but the day we were there, she was making nails. Each of the kids got one.

We also tried on armor and scraped the fur off a piece of drying hide with seashells just as they would have back in the settlers' day.

In the museum, the kids tried on clothes from the period. Zoa even tried on the butt bump. We thought it quite funny that they wanted to accentuate their backside.

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