Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter 2012

We had a Build-a-Bear themed Easter this year. We got egg decorating kits from the store when Zoa made her bunny so our eggs all looked like colorful little bears.

The kids all got some sort of Build-a-Bear gift from the Big Bunny. Zoa and Aven got pajamas for their bear and bunny and Drake got a gift card from Build-a-Bear so he can go buid one. He is feeling left out.
Zoa also got a nail decorating kit. She is very into giving manicures and pedicures right now, which is great for me as my belly expands and my toes get further and further away.

Besides Drake's Build-a-Bear gift card, he got a game for his PSP.

Aven got a game for her LeapPad and was considerably more excited about her Build-a-Bear pajamas than Zoa was about hers.

The week leading up to Easter day, we read about Christ's last few days in the New Testament during our nightly family scripture study. I felt like this helped prepare them for the significance of the day and helped them focus on something besides the gifts and treats that come along with Easter. I think that will be a lasting tradition.

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