Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Zoa is a Teenager!

Zoa turned 13, much to our dismay and without permission, on March 14. Grandpa and Grandma Terry were here for the occassion. It was so fun to have them here to visit and share in her celebrations. Unbeknownst to me, one of her unfulfilled life ambitions was to go make a Build-a-Bear. She followed her younger sister's example and did that rather than have a party with friends. Her end result, quite honestly, was the thing I thought the cutest in the store, outfit and all. She is a cute bunny with a denim and gingham dress that Zoa named Chloe. Dreams do come true!

We spent a lot of time trying to find a dress for her birthday gift. That is what she wanted most-a real dress to wear as an alternative to the skirts and shirts she often wears. The shopping trip was frustrating because all the dresses we tried on in stores for juniors were too short. We finally had to ditch those and go to stores for women. We found a beautiful dress in a size 0 that flattered her nicely. It was excellent to have Grandma there to help us stay optimistic and sane. We ended the day with a lovely cheesecake because that is Zoa's favorite. Of course we also had to have icecream. Again, dreams do come true!

I love my teenager. Horror stories abound and I realize she still has time to go off the deep end if she wants to but thus far she is delightful. She has proven herself to be a kind and level headed girl with a true desire to do what is right. I greatly enjoy our talks and time together. I receive compliments about her quite often. She is on a good path. Love that teenage daughter of mine.

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