Saturday, June 30, 2012

Boxerwood Gardens and Feeding Animals

 The kids' school year was over while Ben was still finishing up his summer semester. He requested that I take the kids on an overnight jaunt during finals so we ended up in Lexington again. We really need to go there with Ben some time. One place we went was to Boxerwood Gardens. It is an educational garden that exists to teach kids about conservation and other environmental ideas. It was very fun, even on that hot day.

A bone is close enough to a baseball bat, right?

This piano was sitting out is a field exposed to the elements. It was odd to see. Only one key still played.

We also went to an animal park. We bought buckets of feed and the animals came right up to our car and ate out of them through our window. Aven was scared but Drake and Zoa thought it was great. Aven sat on my lap while I drove and we kept our window up. I wasn't too keen on the saliva and flies that came with the hungry animals.

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